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Installing Print2Pict and Print to JPEG

Printing to JPEG - A shareware chooser extension Print2Pict (created by Baudouin Raoult) combined with an extension to Print2Pict called "Print to JPEG" (created by Jon Wilson) gives you a convenient way to create JPEG versions of any pages you may wish to print. You can then upload these JPEG images to the ZipProof server as an alternate way to send ZipProofs to your customers. This document shows how to install and use these extensions.

Note: these extensions are shareware and were not created or supported by ZipProof, Inc. so we can not make any guarantees about how these extensions make work on your computer. In addition, use of these extensions may also obligate you to pay a registration fee to the original authors.

Step 1: Download Print2Pict.sit

Step 2: Expand stuffit file and copy the file "Print2Pict 3.7.1" and the folder "P2P Extensions" into the Extensions folder inside the System folder.

Step 3: Open the Chooser and select Print2Pict as your printer:

Step 4: Launch the application you want to print from, such as Adobe Illustrator, and select "Page Setup" in the "File" menu. This should display the Print2Pict print dialog, like this:

Step 5: If this is the first time you are using Print2Pict, you will need to click the "Options" button to display the options dialog, like this:

Scroll the list of icons on the left until you can select the "Extensions" icon. Then, click the "Select" button on the pane that appears to the right and use the file dialog that appears to choose the "P2P Extensions" folder you copied into the Extensions folder in step 2. Finally, click "Done" to close this dialog andthen click "OK" to close the "Page Setup" dialog.

Step 6: Select "Print" in the applications File menu and then select "Print to JPEG" in the "Disposition" menu, like this:

Note: if this option does not appear, you have not completed step 5 properly, or perhaps you forgot to copy the "P2P Extensions"folder into the Extensions folder in the System folder.

Note: See the file "Register Print to JPEG" for details on how to register to use this shareware product.




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